Program Guidelines


Right away I want to thank you, parent, for taking precious time out of your day to complete  this program. To start us off, I’ve gathered a few key points that can help you get the most out  of this coaching journey. Please read through these so that we can discuss them together in our  first session.  

Getting ready:  

  • – Each session will run from 50-60 minutes.  
  • – This should be a time of day when you have privacy and are least likely to be  interrupted.
  • – Find a place that is quiet, free from distraction, and somewhere you can concentrate.
  • – No driving during calls.


Cancellation policy:  

  • – We understand that parents balance many commitments, and deal with unexpected  situations regularly! In order to support you in committing to the Confident Parents  program, you are granted 3 allowable cancellations during the run of the program.  As your coach, I would appreciate as much notice as possible given the situation.  
  • – To respect those on our waitlist, we discontinue the program and close a parent’s  file when one session has been missed without any notice given (“no-show”). We  do understand that there might be cases of emergency, so please follow up with us  within 48 hours to avoid file closure.  
  • – Please contact me if you are running late. We allow a 5 minute window before we  call back and if you do not answer then the session will automatically be counted as  a “no-show”.  


During the session:  

  • – Settle in to have a great chat with your coach – grab a coffee or tea!  
  • – Please have your materials: your parent notebook, and a pen or pencil   Whatever else you need to be comfortable  
  • – There is no need to read materials ahead of time, I will guide you through the  materials  
  • – Get ready to plan, problem-solve, and practice some new skills!  



We’re both on your child’s team, and I believe you are the expert on your child. It’s my job to  ensure you are getting the most on your journey through this program and to support you in  achieving your goals. Welcome to the program! I’m in your corner and looking forward to  celebrating your successes, accomplishments and strengths!